In Conversation: Truth & Compassion, Oct 2016

Featuring artists Kirsten Luckins, Joe Sellman-Leava, Rhiannon Armstrong, Conrad Murray and Will Taylor, chaired by Steve Gilroy of Northumbria University and Live Theatre; taking place in Polam School’s Liddiard Theatre.

In Conversation: on social conflict, Oct 2014

How Social Conflict Affects the Development of Theatre, featuring Nir Paldi from Theatre Ad Infinitum with artist Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh and chaired by Stella Hall, Director of Festival of Thrift; taking place in Voodoo Cafe, Darlington.


In Conversation: the power of personal stories, March 2014

Featuring artists Will Dickie, Jo Hellier, John Berkavitch with chair Lynda Winstanley, Director of Darlington Civic Theatre; taking place in the Conservatory Bar of the Civic Theatre.


In Conversation: Epic in the Everyday, Oct 2013

Featuring Leandra Ashton and Marta Isabella Rizi from Flying Cloud Theatre, Jessica Latowicki and Christopher Brett Bailey from Made in China Theatre, chaired by Katy Milne, Director of Greenfield Arts; took place in the cafe in Darlington’s famous indoor market.