Orange Bin, by Jade Byrne, May 2018

Tomorrow morning I start rehearsals for Pricks. Pricks is the first piece of theatre I have ever written and performed by myself. Pricks is about Type 1 Diabetes and my almost 29 years of living with it, along with the support of other people’s Type 1 stories. It’s an emotive piece about with a strong family story.

It’s a big deal for me. No, it’s an absolutely humongously huge deal for me and at 21:56 the night before rehearsals I’m obviously trawling the internet in a desperate search for an orange bin. Not just any orange bin, the most perfect orange bin, the right orange bin.

It’s a bit like buying a house. I’ll know as soon as I see it, I’ll get that feeling in my tummy if it’s the right orange bin. It needs to be built to last. It needs to be big. It needs to have everything on my checklist. If it doesn’t tick all of the boxes it just won’t be good enough. How could I live in something…sorry I mean live with something that isn’t right.

Who knew finding an orange bin, the right orange bin could be such a task?

I should be getting prepared for my first day of rehearsals, as well as sorting out sound recordings but I’m not, I’m looking for an orange bin, and now I’m writing about looking for an orange bin.

I best go. Toodles!

Jade’s show Pricks was at Jabberwocky Market’s ALL NEW Weekend on Saturday 23 June in Darlington

Look carefully, here’s the chosen bin starring in the show!