Unique Jabberwocky art for you to own

Posted on Monday 23 March

Bid for a handmade Jabberwocky-inspired artwork and help us raise money! 

Any of these fantastic Jabberwockies would be a perfect addition to your home or place of work.

*UPDATE* – you can see them all in person at the Cornmill Centre until Sunday 29 March

In order to bring workshops for young people and professional artists in Darlington, and to keep ticket prices affordable for local people, we rely heavily on donations and fundraising.

These wonderful works of art have been donated precisely so we can raise as much money as possible to keep making this happen and  bringing the best in the world, to Darlington.

In fact we can’t get enough of them and are really hoping that some kind person will buy one for us to look after!

My name’s Stan Hodgson, I’m Assistant Producer for Jabberwocky Market.

For the last two years, I’ve seen some really spectacular things happening in and about the town: from little hidden parts I never knew about, to some of the most vibrant, inspiring theatre in the world. I’ve met brilliant artists who have visited town for the festival Darlington, and I have also met some of our extraordinary local people; some that I would never normally get the chance to meet, let alone have a conversation with about theatre.  And they live half a mile away from me! It’s been a wonderful couple of years, and I’m writing now with this proposition.

If you like an item or you would like to help us, please place a bid and share the auction details with friends and contacts.  If you’re the highest bidder, you’ll gain a beautiful new artwork; and either way, you’ll be helping to make a world of difference in Darlington.

Thanks so much for your time,


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