Stop press, by Olivia Hayes

Posted on Thursday 19 September

Jabberwocky Market is only 2 weeks away. We hope you have started to notice our name popping up here, there and everywhere.

We have made some lovely new friends whilst taking flyers and posters into shops around the town and our social media is going all festival crazy. And we have hit the newspapers!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 22.30.02The wonderful Northern Echo shared the vision of giving a “much-needed boost when a major festival arrives this autumn”. You can read it here.

As part of the sharing spirit of the festival, we have incorporated the ‘Suspended Coffees‘ model of giving into our ticketing. It means that people can buy a ticket for an anonymous someone who could not otherwise afford to attend the festival experience. The Northern Echo loved the idea of sparing and sharing, so wrote this.

And here we are in The Stage, featured alongside our sister festivals telling the world a bit about the Collaborative Touring Network, led by our partners down at Battersea Arts Centre and its aims to reinvent the future of theatre.

Keep your eyes out for more updates, and if you have any press enquiries, please email us on [email protected]

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