“Reviews from spring 2014 shows” by Hannah Harmon

Posted on Sunday 1 June

The dust has settled and some of our volunteer team have been inspired to review parts of the festival.
Here to start with is Hannah Harmon talking about both Major Tom and Shame. You can see more from her at Postcard Daydreams.


Victoria Melody creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the audience to soak up Major Tom, ‘a one woman, one dog show’. We see the eponymous basset hound on stage with Victoria while she narrates their joint experiences in pageants, assisted with documentary footage and some appropriate costume changes along the way. Despite being a feminist, she acknowledges being seduced by the shallow world of pageantry: forced to change everything about herself and rewarded for it.
The show would have benefited from a further in-depth look at the nature of competition, however, it was an undemanding 75 minutes of entertainment, and who doesn’t love a dog?!


Photo: whats on live (click on photo for original)

Shame is a complex exploration of one man’s regrets: mixing spoken word, hip-hop beats, animation and a breakdancing trio representing his subconscious to assist in his telling of several interwoven stories.
John Berkavitch’s depiction of adolescence and friendship felt incredibly familiar and vividly rendered. So too was his humiliating encounter with a married woman, we certainly shared John’s embarrassment as well as being amused by it. Furthermore, the stories about his family, offered a nice contrast to the more explicit themes and balanced out the play as a whole, providing some very tender moments. It’s a challenging watch, intimate and unwavering as John lays himself bare, and was all the more rewarding for it.

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