Wot? No Fish!! review by Rebecca Parkinson

Posted on Sunday 11 October

Photo by Rich Kenworthy

Photo by Rich Kenworthy

Wot? No Fish!! is the true story of Ab Solomon, who drew sketches for his new wife Celie, detailing their lives, on wage packets. Over time, these beautiful sketches show the ups and down of family life and the evolution of time. Told by their great nephew, Danny Braverman, this passage of time touches everyone who sees it.
Danny Braverman doesn’t appear to act at all during this performance, he just uses his passion for the story to speak to the audience. Using a desk and light to create an even more intimate relationship with the audience, the pictures almost come to life on the screen. Donning white gloves to protect the packets, it is clear to see how much care, thought and emotion has been put into this piece. His simple yet effective method of portraying the story, fully immerses you into the piece, and you feel like he is talking just to you.
In my opinion this performance is unmissable, and people of all ages can enjoy it. I loved the very comedic yet emotional tales of family life, and the feeling I got after watching it was something I don’t think I have felt after leaving a theatre before.

– Rebecca Parkinson

Performance: Friday 2 October, 7pm at Liddiard Theatre, Polam Hall School.
Running time: 70 minutes.