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BIG Little Gigs

Posted on Friday 22 September

We like music and want to encourage people of different generations to be together and the BIG Little Gigs are perfect for little ones and their big people (parents, grandparents […]

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For families and little ones this season

Posted on Thursday 21 September

Do you like to play, invent and build things? Almost Always Muddy is for you! The first half of the show you get to build in the junkyard then during […]

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Where to find us online

Posted on Wednesday 20 September

Exciting times! We are now on Snapchat follow us at jabbmarket to see something special that is happening tomorrow afternoon! You can also find us at… Facebook: @JabberwockyMarket Twitter: @JabbMarket […]

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Little Ones at Jabberwocky Market

Posted on Tuesday 19 September

In past seasons of Jabberwocky Market for families and children we have made cardboard costumes with Kate Eccles, danced with bugs as part of Second Hand Dance’s show Grass at […]

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All about The Castle Builder in BSL

Posted on Sunday 17 September

Meet Jenna Johnson British Sign Language Interpreter telling you all about The Castle Builder (if you know BSL, of course). You can book tickets here at & to find out more […]

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This season’s Pop Up Theatre

Posted on Saturday 16 September

This season the show Ross & Rachel will be popping up at the Roundabout, Market Place it is a show about what happens when a couple who is always meant […]

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Pop Up Theatre

Posted on

For our Jabberwocky Markets we gather people together to experience stories and theatre in sometimes surprising venues. This can include venues that feel like a traditional theatre like the Liddiard […]

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Behind-the-Artists at Jabberwocky Market: Kirsten Luckins

Posted on Thursday 29 September

1. What does it mean to you to be sharing your story here at the Jabberwocky Market?  In my experience as a punter, Jabberwocky Market is a really well-curated mixture […]

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Pay It Forward

Posted on Saturday 24 September

It’s a long time now since the concept of paying it forward became a thing. The Hollywood film from 2000 captured the zeitgeist of doing something lovely for someone else, with […]

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This season’s brochure

Posted on Monday 5 September


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Blogger gets her hands dirty making a theatre

Posted on Monday 14 March

Well hello there my dear Jabberwockies, your resident blogger Gemma Hirst  is back this year hoping to fill you in on the latest goings with the Jabberwocky Market events this […]

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Announcing events for spring 2016

Posted on Friday 29 January

Sorry for the break in updates, we’ve been working on a load of new ideas for Jabberwocky Markets in 2016 and they’re really exciting, so we’ll start to tell you […]

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Coming next…

Posted on Friday 6 November

The ink is barely dry on the last Jabberwocky Market, but we already have some news about what’s happening next. From 2016 onwards you will see a slight change.  Jabberwocky […]

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Festival Launch Show, review by Robert Mooney

Posted on Monday 19 October

Jabberwocky Market festival is something I look forward to every season and their launch night surpassed my expectations. Featuring Kate Fox, Mush and Flex Dance, much of the subject for […]

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At The End Of Everything Else, review by Robert Mooney

Posted on

“At The End of Everything Else” by Make Do and Mend Theatre, while rather appropriately being the last show of this season of Jabberwocky Market, was not the reason for […]

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Beats North, review by Helen Devonshire

Posted on Sunday 11 October

Beats North is a double bill of one-man plays about growing up in the north east and how music helps/hinders that journey. The characters Jack (played by Tom Booth) and […]

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THIS IS HOW WE DIE, review by Helen Devonshire

Posted on

This surrealist storytelling involves an actor at a desk reading from a pile of pages, but nothing more is needed. It’s all about the words. Written and performed by Canadian, […]

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Wot? No Fish!! review by Rebecca Parkinson

Posted on

Wot? No Fish!! is the true story of Ab Solomon, who drew sketches for his new wife Celie, detailing their lives, on wage packets. Over time, these beautiful sketches show […]

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Suzy from Thanet visited Darlington

Posted on Friday 9 October

Re-posted from See the original post from 5 October 2015 at “Looping the Loop isn’t only a local consortium here in Thanet; it’s also part of a national network of […]

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