New shows added to the Spring 2015 festival line-up

Posted on Friday 16 January

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Clockwise from top left: The Adventure, Gloriator, Lorraine and Alan, The Frights

We’re back! and very excited for this years Jabberwocky Market, we have an abundance of new theatre for you to enjoy over the  weekend of 26- 29 March 2015 in venues around Darlington. Head over to our main site for  more information and tickets, but for now, we’re taking a quick look at the first four shows we’ve confirmed for the festival line-up:

THE ADVENTURE    Thurs 26 March  icon-asterisk  11am/ 1pm/ 6pm    Quaker Meeting House    Tickets: £9/ £7                                                The Adventure is an interactive mystery story for 8-11 year olds and parents who refuse to grow up. Jam-packed with excitement, tension, scares and humour it creates an immersive and explorable world where children don’t need adults to solve the mystery, and places the young audience right in the thick of the action.

The Famous Five meets Scooby Doo meets The Crystal Maze in a unique hour of funny, scary and inventive interactive theatre. You won’t be sat in the dark watching a play… you’ll be at the heart of The Adventure!

DS30708GLORIATOR  Thurs 26 March   8pm   Quaker Meeting House Tickets: £9/£7                                                                                                                      In 2000 director Ridley Scott brought you Gladiator; an epic film of bravery, honour and sacrifice. Now, nearly fifteen years later, the world-renowned French actress Gloria Delaneuf and her UK tour manager Josephine Cunningham, bring you Gloriator; an awe-inspiring production of bravery, honour, and costumes made out of cardboard.

Russell Crowe may not be available and their budget is limited, but they are determined it will be a show you’ll never forget …

Image and video hosting by TinyPicLORRAINE AND ALAN  Saturday 28 March    8pm    Quaker Meeting House   Tickets: £9/£7                                                              Lorraine and Alan is, essentially, about a relationship that goes wrong. It is about co-dependency and how those we love shape who we are. It is about moving out of your parents’ house and the sleepiness of little England. It’s about delicious salty peanuts and a woman who eats them.

The story is a reworking of the Orkney Selkie myth, wherein a fisherman encounters a woman lying near the sea beside a sealskin. He takes her home along with the skin, either as an act of capture or rescue. He hides the skin from the woman, makes her his wife and they raise children together. However, one day the woman discovers the skin, remembers where she truly belongs, assumes her seal form and returns to the sea, abandoning her husband and child.

In Bucket Club’s version, the fisherman is a disillusioned young Marine Biology graduate named Alan, living with his parents in Blakeney, North Norfolk. Whilst working on one of the seal tours running from Blakeney Point he discovers an unconscious woman amongst the seals. The two fall in love, have a child and build a life together until the call of the sea proves too strong for Lorraine

Image and video hosting by TinyPicTHE FRIGHTS  Saturday 28 March    2.30pm   Quaker Meeting House    Tickets: £9/£7                                                                      Activist Hanny is finally back where she belongs, walking the streets of her hometown with boyfriend Luke. But her three months of captivity overseas is proving difficult to leave behind.

As the remnants of Hanny’s time away begin to claw their way back to the surface, Luke attempts to pick up their relationship from where she left it behind – which is a challenge when Hanny can’t promise not to take another deadly risk, and he can’t face being left behind again to fear the worst. With their happy reunion interrupted by soundbite-hungry strangers Tash and Kieran, Luke begins to question everything Hanny has told him.

The Frights is a twisting, darkly funny play that explores the shades of right and wrong and asks: is there ever a right time to look the other away?

Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic events being added to the festival programme including the return of our very popular Scratch Night.