Kirsten on bringing back Our Line for 2020

Posted on Monday 16 November

Hi, I’m Kirsten and I worked as Project Coordinator on Our Line in 2018.

“one interview was with my grandparents who were both really excited to tell their stories”

Originally creating Our Line was a fun process that involved delving into interviews with local people to hear of their stories relating to the Darlington to Bishop line. I met with artist Hannah and sound technician Jonathon, and we visited the homes of people who had kindly given us the time to record and interview them. One interview  was my grandparents who were both really excited to tell their stories. My nana had got out some gorgeous sepia tone photographs of her as a child, photos I hadn’t even seen!
Each conversation was so different, and all such interesting stories of memories on the line. Some of these interviews were then edited and placed within the story.

As well as conducting interviews, we rode the Bishop line train, a lot. This was to ensure the app ran at the appropriate speed to our surroundings. We worked in association with Northern and had many conversations about logistics, and in the end we became really good friends with the conductors!

Our Line launched on 31st March 2018. I had completed the experience many times by this point and was looking forward to taking newcomers on the journey too. The audience were asked to download the app before arriving, from there they would be sent a code to input into the app to activate the play.
Even though I had completed the journey many times, this time it felt special. Everyone was listening to the same thing at the same time seeing the same things, we were all united in the same experience.

“bringing the train ride inside”

2018 was very different to 2020 as you will realise. Going to theatre or even taking a journey on a train is not as easy or available as it was then, but while we can’t take the train for fun, Luxi and Hannah Bruce are bringing the train ride inside. The journey is no longer on the train, but within our minds and can be experienced anywhere you feel comfortable. I really love listening to it on my sofa, it’s so good, so different and so the same. Get comfy, plug in, have a listen and tell us what you think!

If you would like to know more about Our Line, head to and watch the trailer (both me and grandparents are in it)!