Jabberwocky Market’s Scratch

Posted on Friday 29 September

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a process developed by  Battersea Arts Centre  and on their website page What is Scratch? is written the following:

Scratch is about sharing an idea with the public at an early stage of its development. When you Scratch an idea, you can ask people questions and consider their feedback. This helps you work out how to take your idea on to the next stage. It’s an iterative process that can be used again and again. Over time, ideas become stronger because they are informed by a wide-range of responses.

An example of this process would be the journey of Empire of the Rats written by Van Badham and directed by Carl Kennedy which was at Jabberwocky Market’s Scratch in the third season 2014 and went onto further development with a work-in-progress performance directed by Selma Dimitrijevic in season six 2016.

Scratch Nights can be a Pick-and-Mix of new writing, dance, clowning, performance but what they have in common is that the work is in development.

In other seasons there have been call outs for work to be presented at Scratch but this season is a curated selection of scratch performances at different stages of development. This year Odd Doll Puppet will be presenting a work that is nearly ready for an upcoming tour, Sian Patterson will be presenting a piece that is near the midpoint of development, and Jade Byrne will be presenting a brand new work.

Following the scratch will be two performances by the Polam Hall School Sixth Form.  As ever our Jabbervan will be there serving beverages.

Scratch Night       
By various artists  
DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 8:30pm
VENUE: Liddiard Theatre, Polam Hall
ACCESS:  Ask us
AGE: 12+
TICKETS: Pay What You Decide

For more information and tickets go to  www.jabberwockymarket.org.uk