Introducing Katherine Hasselby, PR Associate

Posted on Wednesday 18 September

Good Morning all, Katherine here, introducing myself as a guest blogger. I cannot promise to be very entertaining but I can give it a good go. This picture shows me and Caroline at the La Di Da magazine launch party, being Jabberwockies.

Who am I? – I’m a twenty something PR graduate from Darlington and Jabberwocky Market volunteer; lover of the arts, music and this town. We are so lucky to receive this new festival and I hope you think so too.

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Evening Jabbers, on Friday Night, I was lucky enough to attend a magazine launch party.

The amazing magazine is called LA DI DA and they were nice enough to feature us in there first edition.

The launch was held in Gateshead at the St Mary’s Heritage Centre; as I walked up to the door surrounded by the Sage and the Tyne Bridge to find a red carpet, bouncers and a ‘photographer’ snapping photos, I felt like a fraud, La Di Da is ‘a dammed fine read for northern high society’, how did I managed to get an invite to this party?

(Luckily the ‘photographer’ was an actor and these photos will never be published.)

Once I was in the venue I received a copy of the magazine and asked to pledge to be fabulous, an easy task, I’m always fabulous.

The bustling church had a bar to my right and tables in the middle of the room, naturally I head straight to the end of the room and parked next to the various sweets, cupcakes and brownies spread across two tables, my diet was instantly ruined when I saw chocolate brownies in the shape of a scottie dog.

I met with Caroline, our Producer, who took a photo of us being jabberwockies and introduced her to a pigs head sporting fake eyelashes and a tiara, laid upon the Union Jack and surrounded by flowers, next to the pig was a sign inviting guets to have a 10 min free session with Cheryl Cole’s psychic, an opportunity I was desperate to use.

We were treated to some entertainment, as a lovely lady singer began an Amy Whinehouse track acapella.

Another treat, small food, my personal favourite being mini sausage and mash. As I tucked into a mini Steak and Ale Pie, a small black scottie dog walked passed me wearing a tartan coat and La Di Da written in Gold, I loved him and it explained the scottie brownies.

I spent the rest of the night playing ‘spot the person in the magazine’ and feeling wonderfull, rubbing shoulders with high society, I hope I can get an invite to every party!

Go have a look at or on twitter @LaDiDaMag