In Conversation

Posted on Thursday 28 September

What would happen if you gathered artists with an invited chair person and the public in a room?

A conversation.

In Conversation captures a unique moment in time where the artists presenting their work at Jabberwocky Market are in the same place at the same time with a carefully chosen chair person facilitating conversation between the artists and artists and public.

Sometimes these conversations happen behind what can be felt as closed doors: in theatres, studios and rehearsal rooms and to encourage these conversations to happen outside of arts spaces in past seasons venues have included Voodoo Cafe and Darlo Savoury Cafe.

During the panel discussion the conversation can explore connections to their work and talk about how it is to present their work in Darlington.

This year Miranda Thain will chair the panel of artists. She has been selected because of her interest in play, particularly in play and mindfulness and wellbeing, especially in light of her connection to the theatre network here and the opening of The Hullabaloo in December.

Discussing Truth & Compassion at Liddiard Theatre
Photo by Rich Kenworthy

In Conversation                                                                                                                            
By Luxi in collaboration with Theatre Hullabaloo                                                                                                           DATE: Sunday 8 October
TIME: 11am
VENUE: Roundabout, Market Place
ACCESS: Ask us
AGE: All ages


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