Behind-the-Artists at Jabberwocky Market: Kirsten Luckins

Posted on Thursday 29 September

Kirsten Luckins_Jabberwocky Market

1. What does it mean to you to be sharing your story here at the Jabberwocky Market? 
In my experience as a punter, Jabberwocky Market is a really well-curated mixture of genuinely exciting theatre, including lots of work that incorporates or blurs boundaries with other forms of performance. It means a lot to be included on a high-quality programme. My piece is structured around poetry, so it is doubly exciting to be positioned among theatre-makers. 
2. It has been said, “People come to the theatre to see themselves.” How are you aiming to connect with people? What are you hoping they’ll take away from your show?
I’m very much here to entertain! My performance style is direct and conversational, and my show ‘The Trouble With Compassion’ is chock full of jokes at my own expense. It’s also got a fair few fun bits of audience participation – nothing scary, nothing that singles people out! But we do take a break half way through to listen to Motown and draw bad stick-figure portraits of one another! I hope people will go away feeling like they’ve laughed, and thought a little bit about how to be compassionate towards themselves and others. I don’t expect profound revelations, but I am often surprised by people who talk to me afterwards about how they’ve recognised their own behaviours  in my poems and stories.
3. What would you like us to know about you? 
You should know that there is a collection of poetry that goes alongside this show, that I’d love people to buy when the come to see me! It’s my first full collection, so it’s a big deal for me – probably less impressive for non-poets 🙂
4. How has your upbringing shaped who you are today? How have you incorporated it into your art?
I do make a joke at one point in the show about my middle-class guilt – in fact, there’s a whole poem about it, which is only partly joking. I think I’ve been brought up to be both sociable and honest, and I think this show relies on both of these qualities. <
5. What advice would you give young artists?
Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, because there are many more of them now than there were when I was younger. I grew up pre-internet, so I’m constantly amazed and grateful at how easy it is now to find out about groups, networks, classes, performances and all those wonderful things. I’d also say that even if you think you know what kind of artist you are, for example a poet, you should never dismiss the chance to learn other disciplines. It will all influence and inform your future work, so be interested in it all.

*FOR FUN* You’re on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here” and you get to the final three. You’ve been eating beans & rice for weeks. You order your dream meal. ANY Starter, Main, Dessert, & a Drink. What do you order? 
Oh heck – probably a roast chicken dinner, with pear and chocolate pudding afterwards. I don’t drink, so that’s irrelevant, and I don’t want to spoil my appetite with a starter…
The Trouble with Compassion
Date: Friday, September 30, 2016
Time: 7:30pm (60 mins)
Location: Liddiard Theatre
Tickets: £10 / £7 (£12 on door)
Visit to purchase tickets & for more information.
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