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Posted on Sunday 1 December


Ayla is a member of the Jabber Group and has been involved in lots of different parts of the first Jabberwocky Market festival.
The picture shows Ayla (right) with her friend and fellow Jabberer, Katy, manning the Festival Hub.

My name is Ayla Huseyinoglu; I used to go to Hummersknott Academy (2008-2013) and now am at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form studying AS Maths, AS Law, AS Drama and Theatre Studies and AS Tudor History.

Best theatre experience in the past? Performing in my school’s production of Les Miserables as Eponine, and If These Walls Could Dance last year.

Favourite show you’ve ever seen? Les Miserables in London.

One thing you look for in a show? A good story with good actors.

What were you most excited about in the festival? The launch night, because it sounded really exciting, and definitely lived up to expectations.

What did you enjoy most that you saw or did? I loved the workshop in the Quaker Meeting House on Jabberwocky Sunday but my favourite thing was probably The Man Who Thought the Moon would fall out of the Sky, because it was really well done, and the story was very moving and obviously a huge amount of work had gone into it. Also I met lots of amazing people.

Did you learn one thing from being part of the Jabberwocky Market? I think I learnt a lot about organising and talking to new people (running the Festival Hub). It helped me to understand more about the organising of events and not just the opening night.

What has it made you think about? It’s made me want to be involved in theatre even more than I already did.

I am definitely pleased that Jabberwocky Market has started in Darlington because it presented me with a great opportunity and Darlington needed more theatre events, which is what this was.
Thank you!
Ayla x


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