7 days to go

Posted on Thursday 24 September

Countdown to Jabberwocky Market

Hello and welcome to the Jabberwocky Market Countdown.

We are now 7 days away till the world class arts event begins, now in its 5th season, the Jabberwocky Market programme is filled with theatre, music and dance and I for one can’t wait for you to see what is in store for Darlington this year.

Who are you?
Gemma Hirst landscape
Pardon me; I have not formally introduced myself yet (what a cheek). My name is Gemma Hirst; I am a 3rd year Journalism Student at Sunderland University and a Freelance Reviewer https://gemmahirst.journoportfolio.com/. I am going to be a guest blogger for the festival, updating you with your festival guide, previews and interviews.

Jabber what?
For those of you who are yet to experience the excitement of the Jabberwocky Market, here is a little lowdown into what it is all about.

It is a theatre festival organised by Darlington’s arts producer, Luxi in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre that runs from 1st- 4th October.

Jam-packed with some fantastic artists, Jabberwocky will be bouncing around venues that you wouldn’t (necessarily) expect us to bounce around in such as Quaker Meeting House, Crown Street Library, Polam’s Liddiard Theatre and Be Premiere Hair.

It is an award-winning festival for all you Darlington people, curated by local theatre producers.Lorraine and Alan photoscape for blog