11 Questions

Posted on Saturday 29 September

As Jabberwocky Markets reach season 11, the blog Q & A returns.

Jabberer Kirsten is asking 11 random questions, some exceedingly difficult and some very easy. Every answer is a good answer. What would your answers be? Share on social media and pop back here to see what everyone says.


1 – What is the biggest risk you have taken this year?


2 – If you could be any character in a book or film, who would you pick?


3 – If you could have dinner with anyone who would you pick, alive or dead?


4 – Summer or Winter and why?


5 – If you could choose one thing to fight for, what would it be and why?


6 – What do you like most about theatre at the moment?


7 – If you were a plant, what type of plant would you be?


8 – Who is your biggest theatrical inspiration?


9 – If you could only visit one country for the rest of your life, where would it be?


10 – Harry Potter or Star Wars? 


11 – Describe your perfect Sunday…


For your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to any show you choose

Send us your 11 answers by Wednesday 3 October to jabberwockymarket@gmail.com and the randomly chosen winner will be contacted on 4/10/18.