11 Questions by Wolf Close Theatre

Posted on Sunday 30 September

We asked Kirsten’s 11 Questions to Victoria and Gareth Wolf from the show Facebook Saved Our Baby. What would your answers be?


1 – What is the biggest risk you have taken this year?
Going to Paris/abroad for the first time with our highly allergic children.

2 – If you could be any character in a book or film, who would you pick?
G: John candy in Uncle Buck or Jack Black in School of Rock
V: One of the women in the chorus in Little Shop of Horrors

3 – If you could have dinner with anyone who would you pick, alive or dead?
David Attenborough, alive please!

4 – Summer or Winter and why?
Summer for swimming in the sea or the river

5 – If you could choose one thing to fight for, what would it be and why?
The NHS because it’s the very best thing about our culture.

6 – What do you like most about theatre at the moment?
Bryony Kimmings , Victoria Melody, Lone Twin, Jess Thom.. . distinctive, funny good eggs.

7 – If you were a plant, what type of plant would you be?
Apple trees in an orchard

8 – Who is your biggest theatrical inspiration?
V: Catherine Hunter as King Lear
G: Dartingon College of Arts

9 – If you could only visit one country for the rest of your life, where would it be?

10 – Harry Potter or Star Wars?
Don’t really know much about either, Harry Potter because it’s the new theme in our Rosie’s class

11 – Describe your perfect Sunday…
Wake up in a house on the beach in the Gower Peninsula in Wales with family and friends.
Go for a swim before anyone else is around.
Cook on the beach, arrange pebbles in size order, have a few drinks in the sun.
Play some board games, read books.
Have a jam session and then a mariachi band comes onto the beach and Rosie gets to sing with them. Martha gets to swim on a turtles back. David Attenborough tells us stories around a camp fire, Beruit play and we all dance until the sun comes up.


Join us for the work-in-progress of Victoria and Gareth’s show on Saturday 6 October at 7pm, and stay around at the Jabberbar until the Grandad cabaret, Rendezvous in Bratislava in the same place at 8pm.

Facebook Saved Our Baby

Saturday 6 October @ 7pm

(duration 30 mins)

VENUE:  Liddiard  Theatre

AGES: 12+


TICKETS: Pay What You Decide 

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