10 questions with Harry from No 47 Project

Posted on Friday 27 February

No 47 pic 2- 400x200We are back, cheering up your Friday afternoon.  This week Rebecca caught up with the Bus Driver of the No 47.  He was a bit puzzled by our questions, but he soon got into the swing of it.

Name:  Harry
Age:  70
Favourite TV show:  What’s my Line
Favourite type of music:  Folk
1 – What is your favourite animal that lives in the water? Blue whale
2 – When you go swimming, what is your favourite stroke to do? Back stroke
3 – What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? Getting married
4 – If you could choose one thing to fight for, what would it be and why? Free TV licenses for the over 70s
5 – If you could pick one unsolved mystery to solve, what would it be? What happened to Lord Lucan
6 – You can choose 5 people from history to go on an adventure with, who would they be? a)Churchill, b)Nathan Bedford Forrest, c) Dana, d) Marylin Monroe, e) Clive of India
7 – Which movie would you like to see turned into a play? Velvet
8 – If you could only wear clothes out of one material for the rest of your life, what would that material be? (he didn’t answer this one…)
9 – If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? Natchez,  Miss,  USA
10 – You’re going on holiday and have room left for one more item. Do you take; –
• Your childhood blanket

You can catch No 47 Project at the Jabberwocky Market on Saturday 28 March, open from 11am-3pm. For more info please visit our official site.