10 Questions with Chris Grady

Posted on Friday 13 February

chris grady outside TRThis week Rebecca Parkinson is interviewing Chris Grady:

Name – Chris Grady
Age – 56
Favourite TV show – used to be Doomwatch as a child before it was banned/cut (1970-72) and that has sent me to google to find more about it. I don’t have a TV now and so the question is not something I think about much.
Favourite type of music – voice, mainly opera but also choral/baroque and nowadays theatre rich musical theatre.
1 – What is your favourite animal that lives in the water? dolphin
2 – When you go swimming, what is your favourite stroke to do? rolling breast stroke…my own invention and a nightmare for anyone else in the lane.
3 – What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? regularly say yes to jobs as a freelance I am offered without knowing how I can/could do them…and then know there are better people out there who will help me if I ask.
4 – If you could choose one thing to fight for, what would it be and why? the future of the planet and the indigenous peoples core peoples who acre for it. As they say there is no Planet B
5 – If you could pick one unsolved mystery to solve, what would it be? crop circles…because whoever/whatever created the mystery keeps teasing me every year by still being there in full sight and just as mysterious.
6 – You can choose 5 people from history to go on an adventure with, who would they be? Shakespeare,  Sitting Bull,  Elizabeth Taylor,  David Attenborough and Helen Keller
7 – Which movie would you like to see turned into a play? Aluna – about the Kogi people
8 – If you could only wear clothes out of one material for the rest of your life, what would that material be? lightest cotton…but I’d need to live somewhere other than here.
9 – If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? – to spend time with the Kogi, Columbia
10 – You’re going on holiday and have room left for one more item. Do you take; –  Sorry none of these…a notebook and pencil/pen to help me capture my thoughts

Thank you for a beautifully unexpected set of 10 questions which have made me assess myself as a person in a very special way.

You can meet Chris Grady by booking a surgery at the Jabberwocky Market on Friday 27 March. For more info and tickets please visit our official site.