10 Questions with Alan from Lorraine and Alan

Posted on Friday 30 January

Rebecca Parkinson is back with this week’s blog.  Rebecca is 17 years old. Blogger from Earth. Spends too much time reading books and listening to music.  This week she’s interviewing Alan from Lorraine and Alan:

Age: 22
Favourite TV show? Blue Planet.
Favourite type of music? Seal.
1 – What is your favourite animal that lives in the water? Seals. They pay the rent. (I mean if I didn’t live with my parents they would be paying my rent. They pay the hypothetical rent)
2 – When you go swimming, what is your favourite stroke to do? Doggy paddle: the stroke of the people.
3 – What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? One summer, I was running a seal-spotting tour and I decided to let eighteen people onto the boat when the maximum is sixteen. I know. Slow down, Alan. (It was a firing offense and I was very lucky to get away with it)
4 – If you could choose one thing to fight for, what would it be and why? The Marine Conservation Society. What do we want? 37 more Marine Conservation Zones! When do we want them? Within the next ten years, realistically.
5 – If you could pick one unsolved mystery to solve, what would it be? The Loch Ness monster. I wrote my dissertation on it. Like many works of true greatness, it was underappreciated by the academic establishment.
6 – You can choose 5 people from history to go on an adventure with, who would they be? Princess Zelda, Luke Skywalker, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Attenborough, Richard Attenborough (so David doesn’t feel lonely).
7 – Which movie would you like to see turned into a play? Free Willie. A moving story about a young boy who forms an unlikely relationship with a large marine mammal. Sounds like a brilliant play that everyone would definitely go and see.
8 – If you could only wear clothes out of one material for the rest of your life, what would that material be? A heavy duty canvas. Endlessly versatile, improbably durable, practical in all conditions. A winner.
9 – If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? Norwich. I need to pick up some bits.
10 – You’re going on holiday and have room left for one more item. Do you take; –
An extra t-shirt (just in case). I am quite a sweaty man.


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