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Kirsten on bringing back Our Line for 2020

Posted on Monday 16 November

Hi, I’m Kirsten and I worked as Project Coordinator on Our Line in 2018. “one interview was with my grandparents who were both really excited to tell their stories” Originally […]

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Parents’ Guide

Posted on Thursday 4 October

Parents of Darlington and beyond, there are Jabberwocky Market pop-up events especially for you this week.   The Jabberer suggests Saturday 6 October, have an early lunch then wrap your 7-12 […]

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11 Questions by Wolf Close Theatre

Posted on Sunday 30 September

We asked Kirsten’s 11 Questions to Victoria and Gareth Wolf from the show Facebook Saved Our Baby. What would your answers be?   1 – What is the biggest risk you […]

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11 Questions

Posted on Saturday 29 September

As Jabberwocky Markets reach season 11, the blog Q & A returns. Jabberer Kirsten is asking 11 random questions, some exceedingly difficult and some very easy. Every answer is a […]

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Jabberwocky Appreciation Day

Posted on Wednesday 19 September

A lot of people are a bit scared of Jabberwockys; Lewis Carroll describes his original Jabberwocky as a terrifying creature, better off destroyed with a vorpal sword. We at Luxi, […]

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Chris Thorpe in Darlington

Posted on Thursday 14 June

In summer of 2016 the brilliant theatre maker, Chris Thorpe, visited Darlington and met with groups of local people to talk about how they feel about their nationality, or Britishness […]

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Don’t forget about you, by Jade Byrne

Posted on Friday 20 April

It’s the end of the Easter Holidays. We took what turns out to be a very wise decision, weather wise, to fill up the first week of the holidays with […]

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Jade Byrne: Spring 2018 Artist in Residence

Posted on Saturday 14 April

As a regular visitor to Jabberwocky Market pop-up theatre events you’re probably already really familiar with Jade Byrne (aka Jade Sloan); she’s been an active Jabberer and important member of […]

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Jabberwocky Market Workshops at Polam Hall School

Posted on Friday 6 October

Yesterday, teams from The Castle Builder and Almost Always Muddy were delivering workshops at Polam Hall School. Kid Carpet and Vic Llewellyn did one workshop in the morning and one […]

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Jabberwocky goes on an adventure!

Posted on Wednesday 4 October

The Jabberwocky has been out and about in Darlington posing with the Jabberwocky Market posters! Can you guess where it has been? For information on the Jabberwocky Market shows and […]

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The one with the reviews of Ross & Rachel

Posted on Tuesday 3 October

★★★★ “A startling piece of new writing about relationships and what comes after a happy ending” The Stage. ★★★★ “It’s a virtuosic piece of writing, playful, post-modern and devastatingly serious, […]

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The Castle Builder

Posted on Monday 2 October

★★★★ “Hilarious, touching and poignant.” – Across the Arts ★★★★ “Funny, educational and most importantly, inspiring.” – The Fix ★★★★★ “boisterous and innovative.” – British Theatre Guide “joyful, messy and […]

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Darlington Rocks

Posted on Sunday 1 October

By the Jabberers Joining in with the current trend of hiding and finding painted rocks, Jabberwocky Market rocks will appear all weeks in parks around Darlington. Find one and bring […]

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Jabberwocky Market Fun Palaces

Posted on Saturday 30 September

For Jabbermouth by Gemma Hirst Fun Palaces believe that there is an artists in everyone and that creativity and community can change the world for the better. And that anyone, […]

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Jabberwocky Market’s Scratch

Posted on Friday 29 September

What is Scratch? Scratch is a process developed by  Battersea Arts Centre  and on their website page What is Scratch? is written the following: Scratch is about sharing an idea […]

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In Conversation

Posted on Thursday 28 September

What would happen if you gathered artists with an invited chair person and the public in a room? A conversation. In Conversation captures a unique moment in time where the […]

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Ross & Rachel at the Roundabout

Posted on Wednesday 27 September

The one with Ross & Rachel at the Roundabout… Ross & Rachel is duologue for one performer but what would that look like? Have a peak here at the trailer. […]

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Meet Jenna Johnson British Sign Language Interpreter

Posted on Tuesday 26 September

What does it mean to you to be interpreting at Jabberwocky Market? It is an honour to be a part of Jabberwocky Market, with their vision to display top class theatre in a […]

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Fun Palaces

Posted on Sunday 24 September

Question: Where can you: Ask a Hairdresser, be helped by Rhiannon Armstrong’s ‘Can I help you?’ come up with A Perfect Day with Kirsten Luckins, Ask A Scientist, complete an […]

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As if this is on in Darlington…

Posted on Saturday 23 September

By Jade Sloan As if this is on in Darlington… …said the lady standing in front of me watching The Ball in our market square. What did she mean? Did […]

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