Self-portrait 2020

Saturday 20 June - Sunday 21 June
by Michelle Tripp, as part of Luxi’s Jabberwocky Market mini pop-up treats for More In Common Darlington’s The Great Get Together 2020

What do you know now that you didn’t know at the start of the year?
What would you like to have happen?

“Before the official lockdown a family member was taken to hospital and tested or the corona virus.
Because my whole family had gathered for a celebration everybody was advised to quarantine themselves as we waited for the results. So my lockdown had a scary beginning.
I couldn’t understand how and why people were still gathering and mixing. I’d had a shock, too close to home, which altered my behaviour. Everybody has their own journey through the crisis; their own views on the handling of it nationally and locally.
My self portrait reflects some of these personal and public fears, reactions and responses.
Half of the face in white thick, the features blocked mask like, hindering vision and voice. The sense of smell gone. The hair rising, I might add I’m critiquing the painting this way now. I wasn’t sure of my intentions when I started it. It now represents a reminder of my state of mind at the end of April 2020. And maybe an image of a masked face will be a lasting one.”
Michelle Tripp, BA MA Fine Art
Michelle makes art with whatever the ideas need.
Collaborates across disciplines.
Has work in private collections.
Has exhibited internationally.
Has worked extensively across the north east with numerous community groups.
Demonstrates and teaches art and craft techniques.
Chell Yip


This commission was made possible thanks to Arts Council England Emergency Funding