Autumn 2018 overview

Wednesday 3 October - Sunday 7 October

Some events have a bar, some don’t, each event will say but do contact us if you have questions.  Each venue is also getting a detailed access guide which you can download from Venues & Access page, or request by emailing us on [email protected]

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Running order

(in order of 1st performance where an event has multiple)

Finding Your Story workshop    Wednesday 3 October

Ground Control     Thursday 4, Friday 5 & Saturday 6 October

Rendezvous in Bratislava    Friday 5 & Saturday 6 October

Black     Friday 5 October

Behind the Scenes of Ground Control    Saturday 6 October

The Quest for the Perfect Shirt    Saturday 6 October

BIG Little Gigs    Saturday 6 October

Facebook Saved Our Baby    Saturday 6 October

In Conversation    Sunday 7 October

Fun Palaces     Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October