Jabberwocky Market autumn 2015

Thursday 1 October - Sunday 4 October

This season had a festival from 1-4 October 2015 with an incredible line up and more brilliant new venues, including Inside Out nightclub. Featuring:

Danny Braverman’s Wot? No Fish!!

Curious Monkey’s Beats North

Christopher Brett Bailey’s THIS IS HOW WE DIE

Make, Mend & Do’s At The End Of Everything Else


The Jabbervan returned, this time it was slightly newer and a lot more silver, again painted and decorated with our own bare hands. It doubled up as a Jabberbar and was a great success, it’ll certainly not be the last you see of it.

There was a Festival Launch Show including wonderful performances from locally based, well known artists, Mush, Kate Fox and Flex Dance at Polam’s Liddiard Theatre. In the same space the following night Scratch night featured dance from Yuvel Soria and Celeste Hay, theatre from Less is More Productions and from Fun in the Oven.

Our Fun Palace included free events, Ask a Scientist at Voodoo Cafe with Durham University’s Dr Lorraine Coghill, and Physical Literature in a shop on High Row with Darlington artist, Kirsten Yates.

We supported the launch of a great new event, Kids Gigs, in Crown Street Library (later re-branded as BIG Little Gigs) a music concert for 0-10 year olds; and we featured it all in our new freshet, the Jabberzine.

Jabbering Theatre Club came back after THIS IS HOW WE DIE in the basement of Inside Out nightclub, hosted by Maddy Costa; and our customary panel discussion took place in Be Premiere Hair salon where we considered what it means to be World Class. Maddy chaired this one as well, and was joined by David Jubb, Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre, businessman Haani Hasnain of Harmonised World, and Bill Vince from Arts Council England.

People got involved in workshops including Tea with the Munitionettes at Age UK wth Fun in the Oven Theatre, and a teachers’ masterclass at the Quaker Meeting House with Danny Braverman FRSA.