Finding My Own Story workshop

Wednesday 3 October

Join us for a fascinating free workshop led by Miriam Sherwood, a theatre-maker who works with oral histories, documentary material and music. Miriam will help us consider family connections across historical, national and political borders. Participants will be encouraged to explore, record and share the histories of their grandparents in a fun and thought-provoking session.

Please bring along one item that reminds you of a grandparent.

Copious quantities of tea and cake will be available to fuel the creativity.

The workshop is free of charge but booking is recommended as spaces are limited. For more details, please call 01325 466810 or email

We are privileged to be working with Miriam in partnership with Darlington Quakers whose annual Quaker Week is taking place around the country during the first week of October on the theme of “Room for More”, which we have embraced whole heartedly for this season’s programme.

Miriam’s show, “Rendezvous in Bratislava”, is playing at Polam’s Liddiard Theatre later in the week, it is an archival caberet, centring on the story of her father, a Slovak Jew who survived the fascists only to be imprisoned by the communists, who believed him a threat to the regime. “Room for More” invites us to consider ideas of tolerance, inclusion and welcome, whether within our own communities or across borders.

Wednesday 3 October @ 3pm-5pm

VENUE:  Quaker Meeting House

AGES: any


TICKETS: Free of charge 

To book, call 01325 466810 or email


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