A Hug and A Haircut

Saturday 20 June - Sunday 21 June

by Kay Greyson, as part of Luxi’s Jabberwocky Market mini pop-up treats for More In Common Darlington’s  The Great Get Together 2020

What do you know now that you didn’t know at the start of the year?
What would you like to have happen?

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About Kay: “On my exams I got a DAMN you smart so I’m going to be a ninja turtle when I grow up. Or a Pirate, either is good.”
“2nd best blond rockstar from my city ????????‍????”



Start of the year, 2020, my vision weren’t 2020
I try to stay ready for any surprises safe to say I was hit with plenty
Corona virus corona virus, all that you hearing on the telly
Now im praying for silence when it’s over come and tell me
But I can’t sleep cause the world is awaken
People protest, demonstrating
I think the change that will come is amazing
Haters will always be hating
But you gotta keep pushing and pacing
Never get put your place and
You will see what you was making
Will have the people in power shaking
Okay then
Like a lot of people this year, I learned how strong I am
I learned I can get through anything, as long as I think I can
I learned life is lonely with your door shut
I learned teachers don’t get a fair cut
I learned we should really all share stuff
I learned the price of a hug and haircut

(I learned that I’m blessed)

2021 I want changes
I want fun, I ain’t had fun in ages
New book new pages
I can’t wait till I’m back on the stages
I need patience
But I need to be chilling on the beach, in the heat, in a heap
Sunburn don’t sleep
I need to hear people on the street cause now you don’t hear a peep
I need new TV, sick of sitting watching old shows on repeat
Lot of things I wanna lose but some things I wanna keep
Keep the world all green, love it when the bird go tweet
I love how we all got together
I think we should be like that forever

Cause together we blessed


This commission was made possible thanks to Arts Council England Emergency Funding