Failing Better podcast, 18 Feb 2020

Failure and value: PRESS ON FOR SUCCESS – an inspiring conversation with Stella Hall

This time Leila and Caroline are joined by Stella Hall for our first guest conversation about failure. Stella runs Festival of Thrift, see all the details at and save the dates 12-13 September 2020 to be in Redcar. 

image description: 3 women smiling, left to right, Leila has long dark hair and a black and white striped top; Stella has light brown hair and a fringe, a black top and dangly earrings, her picture is collaged on top of the background; Caroline has a blue top with black neckline and hair tied up.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our ideas about failure and value. Thanks for listening!

The podcast series, Failing Better: inspiring conversations about failure are chats with brilliant people to hear their stories; having important conversations, sharing them with the world, challenging assumptions, sharing the experiences we’re taught to hide and reflecting diverse perspectives – with all the implications that term offers.

Hosted by Leila D’Aronville and Caroline Pearce as part of Tyne & Wear Cultural Freelancers

image description: a selfie featuring Leila with dark hair and glasses,  and Caroline with blond hair, both in black tops – the words Failing Better written across the image in small white font.


This podcast was created without funding, thanks to the pro bono support of Leila d’Aronville, Caroline Pearce and Stella Hall.