After 18 years working in arts, we are interested in finding new ways to share hard earned experience and help people to overcome the challenges that are frequently faced along the way. Recently we have been working on specific projects with individuals or organisations to facilitate their own thinking and planning and help them find new solutions, directions or plans.

  • Programming creative content and shows, for everyone from conventional theatres trying to reach new audiences or broaden their programme for the audiences they know; to organisations who have never had a show or programme of activity taking their first steps, and even those whose spaces are
  • Doing your own pop-up event or festival for community groups and organisations who are keen but less experienced, we can bring a wealth of experience at various scales and ambitions to ensure you make the most effective, efficient use of your time and resources to get the best results!
  • Simple ways to become more accessible, for anyone engaging with the public, but particularly relevant for arts venues and organisations who want to become more welcoming without having to reinvent the wheel, instead taking tips from people who have tried and failed and tried again – we can share the very specific nuances of what works for the details of your organisation, working with us will save you time and money.
  • Are you an independent artists or small companies wondering if you need a Producer? We have a set of tools to help you quickly explore your project and work out if you do and what sort of Producer you need. This can be a one off session that ends with you having developed a very clear outline of the Producer you need and probably a set of introductions and signposts.

If you’re interested to see how we could help you, even if your specific topic isn’t listed here, do please get in touch for a free chat as even if we can’t help, we might know someone who can! Email: