Caroline Pearce is a qualified RD1st Relational Dynamics coach, this work builds on 20 years of experience supporting individuals and teams across the cultural sector and beyond to identify and achieve their own vision. The formal coaching process is a relaxed and person-centred conversational approach through which I support you to develop in your work, life or career and better understand how to achieve your aims.

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“Coaching with Caroline has given me the space to work through those difficult leadership scenarios. Perspective is so important, but sometimes impossible to find amidst the daily onslaught of emails, Teams and opinionated others! Taking the time out with Caroline to work through challenges has given me the opportunity to explore a more genuine and impactful path.” – Katie Elston, Head of Marketing, Royal Albert Hall, November 2020


“Caroline made me feel safe and comfortable and was completely in control so that I could be vulnerable when necessary. That’s a huge skill to manage on a first meeting. I came away feeling confident and sure about the path I was focusing on, having begun the session with a very vague, insecure, unformed idea. Through mirroring, it was like I was having the most bizarre conversation with myself which made me question my own statements and resolve and work through fears. I would do this again in a heartbeat, I think it should be used when things are fuzzy, and as a top-up on a regular basis. I hadn’t realised how much I needed this. I would recommend Caroline in a heartbeat.” – L Auton, artist, February 2020


“I asked Caroline to coach me through a bit of a directionless period in my life. I was overwhelmed by options and needed some guidance to figure out what I wanted to do – with the right questions and the right conversations, and an appropriate amount of focus, Caroline motivated me and, most importantly, empowered me to work out which projects were most important, and most suited, to me in a very genuine, natural manner. Very recommended.” – Casey Spence, Digital Marketer, 2020


“I had a fantastic coaching session with Caroline. She’s a great facilitator; she really helped me to deep dive, unearth the clarity I didn’t even know I was looking for, and create my own route to progression. Caroline is friendly and has an easy manner, yet was also a total professional. I’d really recommend booking in with her.” – Sarah Mayhew Craddock, Curator, March 2020


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Caroline is a Member of the Association for Coaching