ITWCD @ DAC 1At Luxi we believe that artistic projects with professionals working alongside young people and community participants provide rich outcomes and experiences for everyone involved in the process and the audiences who witness them.

The Rocket strand of work aims to provide experiences of the very highest level of engagement and excellence in professional practice.

If you are a young (or young at heart) person interested in performance, based in north east England, contact us on or on facebook

*   16-19 year olds in Darlington explored Super Heroes with dancer, Gillie Kleiman in late 2011,

*   11-17 year olds worked with dramaturg/actor, Gary Kitching and dancer, Emma Beach to explore memories and stories in 2012,

*   We worked with Theatre Royal Newcastle and Gillie Kleiman to deliver workshops in critical watching and understanding of art and performance, in schools in Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

*   12-16 year olds worked with stage combat professionals to learn about this specific skill, then attended theatre shows that used the skills they had learned.

Made in China at JM 13* Professionals and trainees worked with Made in China theatre to learn about contemporary story telling

* 16-18 year olds worked with Hannah Bruce in a project supported by Strong Voices, on creating a sound walk around Darlington