Mr Doom & Mrs Bloom’s Story Emporium

0K4A1596Arriving and setting up stall, with morality tales for all, Mr Doom & Mrs Bloom provide a darkly comic event using interactive storytelling, object puppetry, live music and songs. Good yarns spun well with our steam-punk shenanigans, suitable for anyone from tots to toothless nans.

Roll up! Roll up! We. Have.

2-4-1 on morality tales
That’s a buy one get one free kind of sale
5-4-3 On your fun-filled fables
Enough to share for 8 round the table
So gather round close to the Story Emporium
A soul fixing, allegory filled, maxim symposium!0K4A2479

Devised and Performed by Carl Kennedy and Zoe Lambert

Devised and Directed by Ruth Johnson
Designed by Simon Henderson and Russ Coleman
Costume and Props by Chloe Ribbens
Produced by Luxi
Supported by Arts Council England and The Cumberland Arms

(Photos on this page by Richard Kenworthy) 

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