Spring overview

Various dates from Thursday 11 April to Saturday 11 May

For season 12 of Jabberwocky Market events, we’re back in spring with some mind-blowing shows during April and May.

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Now Is The Time To Say Nothing

‘If you are thinking about someone and they don’t know it, do you think it still matters?’

Now Is The Time To Say Nothing is an interactive video installation exploring the role of screens in observing global conflict. Using stunning video and immersive sound, it follows the real story of Syrian artist Reem Karssli as she captures her daily experience of the Syrian conflict on camera. We see what emerges when she is contacted by a group of teenagers from the UK who want to see beyond the footage they’ve watched on their TVs.


Juliet + Romeo

Lost Dog’s new show reveals the real story of Romeo and Juliet. It turns out they didn’t die in a tragic misunderstanding, they grew up and lived happily ever after.
Well they lived at least.

Now they’re 40ish, at least one of them is in the grips of a mid-life crisis, they feel constantly mocked by their teenage selves and haunted by the pressures of being the poster couple for romantic love. They have decided to confront their current struggles by putting on a performance – about themselves. Their therapist told them it was a terrible idea.



Two performers – one Greek, one French – dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse. Made in transit between Greece and the UK, Eurohouse brings this difficult relationship to life through a darkly comic look at the EU’s founding ideal, and what got lost along the way.


Tensile Strength ( or how to survive at your wit’s end )

We’ve all been there, struggling with work, with relationships, feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much… and then the cat goes missing.

Teesside based Holly Gallagher tells the stories of He, She & They, three people living in the same post-industrial northern town. As seasons pass, we follow them as they attempt to deal with the fear, pressure and uncertainty of everyday life.


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