Collaborative Touring Network

Luxi has been running Jabberwocky Market events since 2013 in partnership with London’s renowned Battersea Arts Centre as part of the UK Collaborative Touring Network (CTN).  The project enables producers around the country to present world-class small-scale theatre in places like Darlington, Hull, Gloucester, Medway, Peterborough, Thanet, Torbay, Wigan.

CTN is supported to present inspiring arts and culture around the country primarily by Arts Council England, the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the Garfield Weston Foundation . We are Unlimited Allies with a commitment to access for all.


In 2015 Jabberwocky Markets were awarded the Journal Culture Award for Best Event Teesside. In 2016 we were runners up in the Best of Darlington Awards forContribution to the Arts. In 2017 we won Best Contribution to the Arts and were runners up for Bringing Success to Darlington.


Why are they called Jabberwocky Markets? (We are often asked.)

A long time ago, we did a blog about this. Lots has changed since then, but the origins remain.

Founded in Darlington, a market town in north-east England, markets are places that people come together to exchange things, to make transactions; our currency is stories and ideas and connection, and our audiences returning time and again make the community.

Now, a Jabberwocky is a mythical creature, you can’t buy one (or more than one) but you can imagine them, or be inspired by them; they were first envisioned by Lewis Carroll when he lived up the road in Croft-on-Tees and they’re a diverse kind of dragon. We’ve got a new blog with more about this.

So they ARE just pop-up theatre events, but they’re a special flavour, when you come to a Jabberwocky Market we think you’ll feel that.

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