After 18 years working in arts, I am interested in finding new ways to share my experience and help people to overcome the challenges that are frequently faced along the way. Recently I have been working on specific projects with individuals or organisations to facilitate their own thinking and planning and help them find new solutions, directions or plans. This process is one I’ve been developing throughout my career and combines Producing / Mentoring / Coaching techniques, in a bespoke way for each client and project, idea or piece of work.

From a hunch to a plan

There are a number of ways this can help and is available as a one-off session (hopefully making it affordable for artists and arts professionals at all levels) or a series. We start with a 15 minute free chat to check if it’s the right process for you, and can be delivered 1:1 or with a small group, in person or on video chat.

My experience is primarily UK based arts and while the process lends itself to all art forms and probably beyond, I bring specialist knowledge in some areas (various art forms but leaning to theatre, dance, festivals & events). In spring 2020 I expect to complete a coaching qualification and will add pure coaching to the portfolio.

So far, I’ve talked largely about me – there is also a range of specialist associates who we can bring into the process for specialist knowledge, if that feels right.

Artists and creatives – if you have a project idea you can’t quite fully form, you can work with me for a one off session, suitable for individuals or small groups.
Email to arrange a quick chat in which we’ll work out if it’s right before committing to the session.

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Audiences, Access & Engagement

Engagement-led programming is a model of working with groups (of community or of interest) to understand their values, lives and priorities, then to find and connect with the most exciting artists or shows that are currently address these core interests and motivations; to do this we use Luxi’s networks, experience and artform specialisms. This model is something we have tried and tested, especially through seven years of Jabberwocky Markets working with Battersea Arts Centre and producing partners around the country, as well as before and beyond that.

We are really keen to share this learning by speaking at events, contributing to your journal or paper, or joining your organisations and team to discuss the nitty gritty of how our hard-won models can be applied to help you address your access challenges.

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Doing your own pop-up events or festival

With seven years experience of delivering pop-up events from scratch with little supporting infrastructure, and many more years of experience of working on events and festivals up to the largest in the world, we can work with you to support and advise you on what you need to know and a few quick hacks to help you avoid some pitfalls at whatever scale and level of experience you’re working – we specialise in meeting you where you are and helping you set realistic expectations for yourself, your supporters and audiences; and then importantly helping create the plans to get you there most effectively.

As ever, get in touch for a chat free of charge to work out whether this is for you:

Some things you might be thinking if our general Consultancy could be right for you:

“I have a hunch and it’s really inspiring, but I just can’t get it into a plan”

“I produce my own work and struggle to differentiate between my making time and project management”

“I am really passionate about x and y but don’t know where to start in pulling them together”

“I’ve never applied for funding before, how do I start this form”

“We just don’t know how to write this policy, if we just copy someone else’s it won’t be right for us, but we don’t know how else to do it”

“I’ve been asked to develop this idea for someone else and I don’t understand why”

“I can’t do it all myself but I can’t afford a producer yet”

“We have a really great idea, we’ve gathered an exciting group of collaborators, but we haven’t worked together before and want to make sure we start out to make the best chance for success”

… these are all real examples of some of the things I’ve helped turn around into really successful projects, shows, policies and so on.