Arts World

Over the years Luxi and the people involved have worked in arts management and theatre producing in many capacities. See some of the blogs we’ve published (right or below, depending on your screen).

There are also some blogs specifically about Jabberwocky Market events here.

Below, watch some of our In Conversation events in full.

Room for More, 2018, chaired by Kerami Roberts

Play, 2017, chaired by Miranda Thain of Theatre Hullabaloo

Truth & Compassion, 2016, chaired by Steve Gilroy of Northumbria University and Live Theatre

World Class, 2015, chaired by Maddy Costa

In spring 2015 we had another discussion event on the topic of Touring and how great that is for the artists who do it and the audiences around the country, chaired by Ayla Huseyinoglu; unfortunately the recording was lost but it looked like this.

How Social Conflict Affects the Development of Theatre, 2014, chaired by Stella Hall, Director of Festival of Thrift

The Power of Personal Stories, 2014, chaired by Lynda Winstanley, Director of Darlington Civic Theatre

Epic in the Everyday, 2013, chaired by Katy Milne, Director of Greenfield Arts

And for now, here are some pictures to give a taste of our shows, projects and events.