About Us

Luxi exists to brighten lives, through creative endeavour and stories. We produce, promote and present prestigious arts and theatre with artists and audiences around the world, we have a specialism in audience experience and are particularly interested in exploring people’s relationship with place.


  • Wellbeing
  • Access
  • Eco-sustainability


  • Programming
  • Producing
  • Events
  • Creative Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Marketing & Communications

We are very open to new opportunities so if you have an idea or a project, please get in touch for a chat. Contact us on hello@luxicreative.co.uk or phone 07583 655018

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Why Luxi ?

The lux is the unit for measuring illuminance and luminous emittance, one lux has the light level of a single candle; we believe in projects through which, like light, a small action has a radiant effect.  As curious people, we also love that luxi is sometimes pronounced as look-see.


We have a network of Associates and our team changes for each project, bringing together the right artists with the right audiences and putting them in the right place.  See faces on this page to see some you might encounter.

Luxi’s success to date is thanks to work with many other people, especially Olivia Hayes, Stan Hodgson, Jade Byrne, Sarah Wilson, Lysanne van Overbeek, Helen Fitzmaurice, Millie Harris, Ellen Johnson, Katy Graham, Richard Agar, Jason Berge, Rob Irish, Katy Banner, Peter Flynn, Chris Grady, Haani Hasnain, Peter Groom, Debbie Harbin, Michael Spenceley, Daniel Bye, Gary Kitching, Emma Beach, Sarah Hearn, Gillie Kleiman, Van Badham, Selma Dimitrijevic, Anna Ryder, Carl Kennedy, Zoe Lambert, Rich Kenworthy, John Randall, Katie Roberts, Katie Duffy, Katie Croft & BAC


You can send us things to:
1st floor, 29 Blackwellgate,
c/o Be Premiere,
Darlington, DL1 5HX
or email us on hello@luxicreative.co.uk or phone 07583 655018 


Caroline Pearce

Producer and Creative Consultant, Caroline is founding Director of Luxi ltd

Kirsten Yates

Operations Associate, Kirsten’s an independent artist and Luxi creative facilitator.

Casey Spence

Casey is a writer and creative digital professional, supporting web and social media.  Also works @mslexia and runs @gutsglorymkting

Kerami Roberts

Music teacher and wheelchair user, Kerami is our Access Consultant and a Community Champion for Scope.

Charlie Norris


Jenna Johnson

BSL interpreter, Jenna brings a show to life for D/deaf people and any BSL users.



ITC (Independent Theatre Council).


Images on this site which are not otherwise credited are by Caroline Pearce or Rich Kenworthy – we’ll update credits shortly. Luxi was established in 2012 with support from Arts Council England, very gratefully received. Company: 7916818